quality over time


ISO 9001 constitutes the basis for continuous improvement of the management system and process management. Our company adopts a quality system that includes all areas, from sales to production, from purchases to warehouse management. Rapid technological progress and market globalisation make process-oriented quality management a necessity, and this becomes the foundation for the constant improvement of our corporate organisation. Every year we receive an inspection by the Certiquality control body. This certification guarantees products for the final consumer that always reflect the same level of quality over time.

Organic Production


Our company is also certified for organic production. For organic production, the company must be certified by a body recognised by the MIPAAF, in our case this is the CCPB of Bologna. For the biological processing, all the procedures and raw materials to be used have to be agreed upon for each individual product to be manufactured. This certification guarantees for the final consumer that the products labelled as organic comply with the requirements of an Organic product. Over the years, Dolcezze Savini has increased the range of organic products from bread to organic Christmas baskets.

Certification of

PDO Tuscan bread

Our company’s suitability to produce Tuscan DOP bread has been certified. The inspections and control plans are made by the control body recognised by the MIPAAF: in our case, this body is the CSQA which has the task of verifying and controlling the production. This certification guarantees for the final consumer that Tuscan DOP bread is produced with flour ground from grains grown in Tuscany, according to predefined procedures, controls and labelling. Dolcezze Savini is currently one of the companies that produces the greatest quantity of DOP bread.